3 Ways to Make Your Garage Work Harder

Your garage is not just for stashing your car — or stuffing away that old tent from scouts. You can make your garage work harder than that for you. Discover 3 Ways to make your garage work harder beyond storing your car or old items. Maximize its potential!

  1. Home Gym: 2 car garage but only one car? Opt for turning the other half of your garage into a home gym with cardio equipment, weights, yoga mat or whatever you need. Cover that part of the floor with outdoor carpet or a large mat for more comfort. Then ditch the gym membership and simply stumble out to the garage every morning for your workout. 
  2. Mudroom: Keep your mud outside the house by adding a simple mudroom to your garage. A sink for cleaning boots, hooks and cubbies for outerwear, and a place to put kid’s sports equipment will make your life easier — and the inside of your house cleaner.
  3. Studio Space: If you’re not a fixer-upper but instead you’re a photographer, artist or craftsperson, turn that garage workbench area into your art studio. Install flat files or shelving for your work, high-power lighting and pegboard for your tools of the trade. You can even turn part of your workbench into a photography area by adding a seamless white sweep. These are the 3 Ways to Make Your Garage Work Harder. Contact Tony Ciancanelli for all your Real Estate needs.
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