Decorating With a Fall Color Palette

Decorating with a fall color palette is easy! Whether you’re embracing bold vibrant colors like burnt orange and deep red, or paring back to earthy naturals like terracotta or umber, adding fall colors to any room can add coziness to your home overall. You can refresh a few things easily with accents here and there, or go all in to the fall season with some of these color trend ideas.

Add a Statement Piece

A bold orange sofa or deep red chair-and-a-half can go a long way to cozy. And you can declutter and simplify the other details in the room, letting this one big color bomb lead the way. Then, pick up that bold color by weaving in a few items here and there as accents: a vase, a small framed piece of art, a throw pillow.

Paint One Wall

Choose your favorite fall color and cover one wall in a room with that color. You’ll be surprised how the feel of the whole room will change with this new backdrop. Let that wall do the work and pare back the rest of the room to neutrals so it can shine. 

Go Luxe With Gold

Adding a hint of gold to your room adds warmth and character. Choose throw pillows with a glistening gold thread woven into the fabric. Or simple gold candlesticks, or a gold-framed painting on your wall. Warmer lighting will also bathe the room in golden tones bringing the feel of fall into your home. Contact Tony Ciancanelli for all your Real Estate needs.

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