How to Build a Better Kitchen

How to build a better kitchen? It just takes a few additions to make any kitchen better. A better kitchen will be easier to find things, easier to use, more inviting, more personal, and overall just more fun. Kitchens are usually the heart of the home and everyone wants to hang out there. Here are a few ideas for making your kitchen the best place to be in your home.

Add counter space

With counter space more is definitely more. Is the room big enough to add an island? Build one in. Or add a tall table as a mobile island. Move appliances you don’t use every day to cabinets to free up counterspace. Add a sink cover that doubles as a cutting board when you’re not using the sink. 

Turn your kitchen into a party

Pick a theme! From mushrooms to chickens to world destinations, a theme gives your kitchen new life and you’ll have fun hunting down matching items to bring it to life. Plus, you’ll have great stories to tell about each treasured item you find for your kitchen.

Communication central

Turn your kitchen into the family’s comms center with a wall-sized dry-erase board to calendar everyone’s events, add menus for the week and leave encouraging messages.

Bring the outside inside

Plants can liven up any room. Add a hanging plant, an indoor herb garden, or a succulent collection to your kitchen.

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