How to Make Growing Older in Your Home Easier

How to Make Growing Older in Your Home Easier. Aging-in-place modifications, or “Universal Design'' is becoming popular for older home owners who want to grow old living in their own homes. Universal Design benefits older home owners by making their homes easier to move around in and more supportive for changes in daily life.

Staying in your home as you age can give people the highest sense of security and normalcy. Adding modifications to support loss of movement, sight, hearing or memory can make your home into a haven. Aging-in-place modifications often include:

• Adding handrails for stability

• Evening out flooring and removing carpets to make it easier to move through the home

• Lowering cabinets and countertops for easy reach

• Adding better lighting and switches with easy-access and usability

• Widening hallways and rearranging furniture to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs

• Adding ramps to front and back doors

• Switching out doorknobs for lever-style handles that are easier to use

• Installing a walk-in tub

• Installing a chair-lift on a staircase

In addition to these types of modifications, there is a lot of technology with features that can assist with tasks and make life more convenient:

• Sensors that automatically turn on lights when someone enters the room

• Sensor-based water faucets

• Smartphone-based apps that can control lights, temperature, or ceiling fans 

• Sensors that automatically contact emergency help

• Video doorbells that let you see on your phone who is at the front door before you answer

Consider all the options available to help you grow older in your home. Contact Realtor Tony Ciancanelli at

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