Increase Your Curb Appeal. Increase Your Offers!

Increase Your Curb Appeal, Increase Your Offers! If you’re selling your home, take time to spruce up the exterior. In the age of virtual home shopping, the first picture of your house can be the “make or break” moment when people decide to schedule a showing.

Start with landscaping. Making sure your front lawn looks clean, well-kept, and low maintenance signals to potential buyers that your home is well cared for and won’t require a bunch of upkeep. In fact, a 2019 Home Light study found that lawn maintenance and fresh mulch both resulted in resale value, while “high-end” landscaping had a negative impact.

Focus on the front door. It’s a small detail, but the front door is a symbol of welcome and hospitality. If yours is chipped, dirty, or otherwise unappealing, potential buyers will notice. Consider a fresh coat of paint to make it stand out!

Make it sparkle and shine! Your driveway, walkway, and windows give potential buyers a preview of what to expect inside. Make sure these spaces are clean and uncluttered. Utilize a power washer to eliminate grime, tidy both interior and exterior windows, and vigilantly watch for debris that could drift into your yard. Maintaining this routine ensures a pristine, debris-free environment around your home.

Enhancing your home's curb appeal doesn't require a fortune. Yet, it can significantly elevate your selling experience. Small investments can make a big difference in the allure of your property, impacting potential buyers positively. Contact Tony for all your Real Estate needs.

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