Increase Your Odds of Getting Your Offer Accepted

Increase your odds of getting your offer accepted by making it stand out from the crowd. In recent years it has become increasingly common for there to be more buyers looking for homes than there are houses for sale, which can make it hard for buyers to get their offers accepted. 

Make It a Sure Thing (Or Close to It)

Arriving at negotiations with either a cash offer or pre-approved loan showcases your strong qualifications to potential buyers. Cash offers also give buyers a greater degree of control. If cash isn't feasible, ensure pre-approval for your loan and substantiate it by attaching the proof along with your offer.

Sweeten the Deal

In a seller’s market, it’s always a good idea to offer above asking price, especially if you know there will be multiple offers. Yet, alternative methods to enhance your offer's appeal exist, such as increasing earnest money, signifying your earnest commitment to sellers. You could also include an escalation clause in your offer, which automatically outbids other offers up to a maximum price.

Keep Things Simple

Avoiding complicated requests (like asking if the sellers are willing to leave their TV behind) and contingencies will add to your offer’s appeal. A "clean" offer signifies independence from selling another property and lacks seller concessions, such as requesting payment for closing costs. The idea is to make things as easy and appealing as possible. Contact Tony Ciancanelli for all your Real Estate needs.

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