Start Saving Your Down Payment Now

If you’re going to buy a house in your near future, you can start by power-saving your down payment with a few tweaks to your personal economy. Implement these tips now to save significantly in preparation for future house-buying, positioning yourself ahead in the game.

Start by creating a separate savings account just for your down payment. When you put money in here, you’ll forget you have it, so you won’t spend it. It will add up over time! And, you can even create auto-transfers to put some of every paycheck in this account automatically every pay period to make this savings grow faster.

Your Budget

Start to Re-evaluate your working budget through a new perspective: living lean. What can you do without for the short term? If you cut out all the extras, and put that money in your down payment fund, you can turn saving into a game. And you’re always the winner!

Sell It

Now is the time to sell off anything of value that you’re not going to need or want long-term. Furniture, old baseball cards, clothing. This money can all be put towards your down payment.

Short-term Side Hustle

Can you add a side job on the weekends in retail or restaurant, just to start saving your down payment now and add more to your down payment fund? It might be hard, but your motivation is getting into a home sooner. Contact Tony Ciancanelli for all your Real Estate needs.

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