What to Plan For in a New Home

What to plan for in a new home when you’ve just moved in? Plan for what you know (and don’t know) can happen next. You’ve going to want to start saving to cover all the new things that come with home ownership. Those things can be needs, wants, and even the unexpected.

Get Your Emergency Fund Together

Be sure to save money for your home in an emergency fund. This money can help you in a pinch if you need to replace something large like a water heater or refrigerator. Saving a few thousand dollars will give you peace of mind in your new home in case of a major breakdown.

Try a Home Warranty for Maintenance

As a new homeowner, you’re going to be the one replacing the dryer, fixing the air conditioner or repairing your sprinkler system. One tip to get you started might be to pay for a home warranty. These plans can cover some of these costs for a small service fee. As a new homeowner, easily access recommended service providers through your warranty company for smooth home ownership.

Future Amenities Fund

Thinking about a swimming pool someday? Want to remodel the bathroom in the near future? Start a renovation fund in a separate savings account and contribute to it regularly. This money will accumulate and in a few years you’ll have what you need to make a dream come true in your home. Please visit www.TonyCiancanelli.com or call Tony Ciancanelli for all your Real Estate inquiries.

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