Why Isn't Your Home Selling?

Why isn’t your home selling? It could be any number of things. You might get advice from friends, family, or your realtor partner on what to do differently. But it might be that you’re inadvertently doing one of these these things:

  1. Too Much Clutter
    Make sure you start early decluttering your home before it’s for sale. Take down personal photos, and all the extra knick-knacks. Make it simple and show off the space. Help potential buyers see themselves in your home by making it clean and appealing.
  2. It’s Too Dark
    People want to buy a light, bright home. Maximize your natural light with open curtains and blinds and clean windows. Add lamps and up the wattage of light bulbs inside to make your home well-lit with no dark corners or hallways.
  3. Do I Smell Funny?
    If you’ve cooked something aromatic, or you have pets, or you’re a smoker, your home could have hidden smells that prospective home owners will notice. Conversely, too much of a good smell can be overwhelming, so strike a balance with air fresheners, candles, and scent-warmers. Your home should smell clean and fresh.
  4. Call On Your Real Estate Agent
    Don’t turn off buyers with wrong pricing, or by being inflexible in negotiation. Lean on your agent to handle this tricky part — they’ll know how to showcase your home, price it right, and pivot when needed to get you the best price possible.
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